Thursday, May 18, 2006

The final wrap up

Commencement for the Class of 2006 officially took place yesterday, May 17th. I figure it's time for me to wrap up this blog that I have neglected for so long. Hence, I am back dating a bunch of entries to talk about the last couple of months at Columbia. For myself, even if no one else will bother to read it.

Congratulations to the Class of 2006 MBA Graduates.

Congratulations to the Class of 2008 MBA admits.

There is a long road ahead of us yet!!

Sunday, May 14, 2006

CBS Recognition Ceremony

The CBS 2006 Recognition Ceremony took place on May 14th, Mother's Day at Madison Square Garden. The event took place fom 5PM to 7PM although all graduates were told to be there by 3PM. I realized that it was so we can stand around in the back and wait to get in, yuck.

I was pleasantly surprised to find out that I made the Dean's List as of May 1, 2006. What that actually means, I'm not so sure. Grades really are the last things you think about as a business school student.

The ceremony itself was actually quite good, a few speakers and then student awards, then we each went on stage to collect our alumni pin, the famous Hermes symbol cast in silver and white. Then the final student speaker, PP-M gave the most amazing speech. I was pleasantly surprised that he is such a moving and witty speaker! Here's part of his speech, I thought I would share:

T’was the night before graduation
So many thoughts in my head;
Sadness, elation -
So what can be said?

Seems we just had orientation,
A whirlwind of fun
And so much information
About all that could be done.

We felt like young princes
Who would soon be kings
(Except for the ladies
Who felt feminine things).

Two years to explore,
Hang out and discover,
Such outstanding new people -
Perhaps even a lover.

“Wow! This is fantastic,
Too good to be true,
An expensive vacation,
But what can you do?”

Early days in our homerooms,
Meeting our clusters,
Recounting our stories,
The very best we could muster.

A designer, a dancer
Four consultants, a jock,
A writer, several bankers
And brokers of stock.

“I worked for the Peace Corps!”
“I launched a new brand!”
“I pitched for the Astros!”
“I played lead in a band!”

Such astounding achievements,
Such incredible flair,
It left me to ponder
Just how I’d got there.

Next came the clubs;
A bewildering array
Of everything imaginable
For the discerning MBA.

Soon followed elections
And we endeavored to get
The votes of the classmates
We’d only just met.

Then reality struck
Like a bolt from the blue:
We were hit with Statistics
And Financial Accounting, too.

Debits and credits,
Covariance, μ,
Correlation, net income -
And so much of it to do.

Before long it was clear
Our degrees of freedom were lost
To the lumberjack Clarkson
And marginal cost.

An avalanche of assignments
And to make matters worse,
Four brilliant A-types to work with -
A quite unbearable curse!

In those early days I developed -
I’m not ashamed to admit -
My own confidence interval:
I’d never felt such a twit.

Yet one class was different;
Our most prized possession:
The Thursday night workshops
In Applied Regression.

Disco lights in the deli,
Cheap beer on the floor,
DJ Joe playing Bon Jovi,
Talent-less dancing galore.

This caught on so well
That we didn’t stop there;
Soon beer pong and poker
Became standard fare.

A gossip column emerged
To rival any I’d seen;
Top ten lists for both genders
Scoops mundane to obscene.

For most men at b-school
It soon became clear
The art of courtship eludes us
And should be taught here.

Despite all of our talents
Just this one skill we lack,
But the sheer extent of our weakness
Took the ladies aback:

“Thought I’d meet a guy when I came here
But my logic proved flawed:
It’s true the odds are good,
But the goods are so odd.”

Lest we lose focus
On the reason we’d come,
The next thing that awoke us
Was the resumé drum.

Our latest tormentors,
The Office of Career,
Seemed concerned with our leaving;
“But we just got here!”

So we toiled and we troubled
And learned to our dismay
The GMAT score we’d been proud of
Was only okay.

Corporate events
Then gave us the chance
To engage on a daily basis
In a soul-destroying dance.

With Pepsi on Monday,
On Tuesday with Chase,
The networking was shameless,
The brown-nosing a disgrace.

And the emails kept coming,
And coming and coming,
And coming and coming,
It was truly mind-numbing.

Speakers and pizza,
Pizza and beer,
Did I mention the pizza?
It’s quite popular here.

The pace never relented;
No matter how hard I tried,
I could never escape
From the Upper West Side.

Then finally the home straight
As Eskimo Pie arrived,
Then Follies and finals
Wow! We’d survived.

Looking back now
That semester was golden,
An experience designed
To inspire and embolden.

Though our bonds with each other
Would continue to grow
Through the next installments
Of the CBS show

And so many more highlights
Intrigue and invention,
Boondoggles to everywhere,
Far too many to mention,

But from then on things were different,
Time started to fly,
Until this morning I woke up
And two years had gone by.

I appreciate your patience
With all my rhyme,
I’d love to go on
Alas! We haven’t the time.

But I’d be failing my duty,
Not playing my part,
If I didn’t leave you
With a few words from the heart.

And so I humbly request
Your permission to close
By switching from poetry
Back into prose.

Oh the memories! :) I'm going to miss CBS.

After the ceremony, we hiked up to Carmine's for yummy celebration dinner. Salad, pasta, steak and tiramisu plus a bottle of wine to complete the festive atmosphere.

Saturday, May 13, 2006

Last Semester of B-School Wrap Up

The final verdict from Add/Drop, I took voice lessons and never looked back. It was wonderful! I took on Broadway showtunes as an area for development. In 2 months, I learned tunes from "Annie get your Gun" to "Oklahoma!" It was fun and educational, which is more than I can say for some classes that I "could have" taken.

Otherwise, the last semester of school was rather uneventful. I took things easy, went to class, focused on learning rather than passing and relaxed. Every Monday and Wednesday, I took up training with a personal trainer for an hour. Other days of the week, I took to cardio exercises, running, biking, swimming. I started off doing about 8 push-ups (and almost collapsed) and at the end, I could to 21 push-ups. Starting running about 2 miles, and ended with around 5 miles, outdoor on a sunny day. I became a much healthier person! Although I've spent less time in "business school" activities, overall, I think I became a better person. This, I believe, is a much better outcome than spending all my time in finance or marketing classes.

Last Semester Summary:
Classes + my ratings (1 to 5)
HPL 4.5
Retailing Leadership 4
Managerial Negotiations 4

Power and influence 5
Voice Lessons
Personal Training
Wrap up Marketing Conference
Lunches with Matt and Steph
Columbia Business School Annual Dinner

I ended the semester with three papers, no final exams. So essentially I was on vacation a week before many of my colleagues. What can I say? I took some great, but not strenuous classes and learned a lot, while having an amazing time. I'm going to miss B-school! Re-entering the rat race is going to be hard after such a relaxing semester.

Monday, May 01, 2006

Columbia Business School Annual Dinner

I received this invite in my email:

Dear Student Leaders,

In gratitude for your leadership and support this year, the Office of External Relations cordially invites you to:

Columbia Business School’s 30th Annual Dinner

Monday, May 1, 2006
6:00 p.m.

The Grand Ballroom at the Waldorf-Astoria Hotel
Lexington Avenue Entrance, Third Floor
New York City

The honorees for the evening will be:

Distinguished Leadership in Government Award
The Honorable Robert B. Zoellick ’49.
Deputy Secretary of State

Distinguished Leadership in Business Award

Sidney Taurel ’71
Chairman and CEO
Eli Lilly and Company

Black tie! At the Waldorf Astoria! How cool is that? I decided to go, especially after S.D. told me she was going. I was also lucky because I have a black dress hanging in my closet that was so far untouched, save a few at home "fittings." I tried to wear the dress in Taiwan for Cathy's wedding, but being too fat, it was kinda unflattering. After 2 months of personal training, the dress was no problem, I looked great! SO HAPPY!

While the speeches were kinda boring...:p, dinner was great. It was also entertaining to get dressed up
and see my friends all dolled up in their tuxs. After dinner, we went to the Bull and Bear at the Waldorf for drinks. Ricky came to meet me after work and we took a car home together. Wonderful night!

Oh, here is the Official Proclaimation that May 1st is "Columbia Business School Day" in New York City.

Sunday, April 23, 2006

CBS taking the news by storm...

All because of this video.

Every Breath You Take

The video's be cited in the WSJ, Washington Post, NYT, etc. plus countless online listings. Not to mention a special appearance by CBS cast and crew of Follies on Power Lunch, CNBC.

MOR, we love you!

Tuesday, February 07, 2006

Lost my motivation...

What are the goals of getting an MBA?
1. Get a awesome job afterwards
2. Get a degree with a great reputation
3. Form a lifelong network
4. Have fun
5. Take a break from work

So after I've accomplished, 1, am getting very close to 2 and 3, got 4 from the beginning, I'm really left now just with 5. As a second semester second year, I'm starting to question the meaning of being in b-school to me now. Classes are great, but pretty much a breeze (by my own choosing of course). I have the job. I'm really just out to enjoy myself at this point! Of course I still have my duties in clubs, but executing on those duties are more fun than work anyway. Stress level = low. Plus, I figure this is the last chance I have to cruise until I start working again, so I'm really trying to take advantage of this break.

I can't wait until Spring Break in Peru! Just counting the days...

Monday, January 30, 2006


I have THE BEST classes this semester, save one. High Performance Leadership, Power and Influence, Negotiations, Retailing Leadership, all amazing classes. The only hitch is, I need 5 classes, 15 credits, so I need one more, just one. I started off with High Tech Marketing, a class that fit so perfectly into my schedule that I could not ask for more. Unfortunately, after the first class, I realized it really is not for me. I did not like the attitude of the professor, who kept saying, "if you can't do this, drop the class, if you can't do that, drop the class..." So I dropped the class. Then I signed on to Supply Chain Managment, which I later dropped as well after looking at the syllabus...ugh. Then I signed on to Marketing Research at the recommendation of Stephanie, my Conference partner, who is also in this class. But...ugh...not liking my first class there either. Now, I'm thinking about giving up on a business school class all together and taken voice lessons at teacher's college instead! It's my last semester, I have a job, I want to take a worthwhile class no matter what type of class it is. I haven't made my final decision yet....will see tomorrow.